Item Tractor-Repulser
Level 9
Type Weapon / Beam weapon
Description When Tzu left the Shinwa to join the Red Dragons, he brought with him Jenquai technology that made the Tractor-Repulser possable. The shearing force created by the alternating beam damages shields and reduces hull stability.
Buy price 2,901,846.00
Sell price 223,219.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique false
Can store true
Usable by race all
Usable by professsion all

Weapon Stats

Damage Type energy
Damage (200%) 483.00 (483.00) 
Reload (200%) 9.00 sec (9.00 sec)
Energy/shot 200 
Range 1800m


Buff name Buff description
Equipment Damage Magnification - Hull (Activated) Decreases a hulls effectiveness at sustaining damage by 40% for 270 seconds to enemy when activated. 
Shield Drain (Activated) -900.0% Shield Recharge for 5 seconds to enemy when activated.

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