Item Terminal Override v7.2
Level 7
Type Device
Description Illicit technology of unknown origin. This device, when inserted into a compatible terminal control interface, refines the inner workings of the terminal to assist your requested operation. Unfortunately, terminal security systems will detect unauthorized modifications upon initiation and fry this device after one use.

[Mode Manufacturing, Analyze

Build Value 0.4 levels

Critical 3%]

Stack size 10
Buy price 96,063.00
Sell price 29,558.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique false
Can store true
Usable by race all
Usable by professsion all


Buff name Buff description
Increase build and analyze ability Increase build and analyze ability by 0.40 skill levels. 
Increase critical analyze/build bonus chances Increase critical analyze/build bonus chances by 3.00%.

Used to BuildEdit

Level Item
7 Face the Ten-Gu

Looted fromEdit

Level MOB Name Drop rate Confidence
45 Thorgil 1.6% ±3%

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