Item Nova Armored Vault
Level 7
Type Fabricated item / Casing
Description Nova Brand. The Nova Armored Case is rated high-grade in all categories. ID NAC56-4UR
Stack size 240
Buy price 164,279.00
Sell price 50,548.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique false
Can store true


Level Component
 ? Tantalum 
 ? Tantalum 
 ? Tantalum

Used to BuildEdit

Level Item
7 Attacking Great Dane
7 Claimjumper's Reward Seven
7 EB-X3 "Anaconda" Mk. VII
7 EB-X9 "Diamondback" Mk. VII
7 Fiery Cherub
4 Interpolative Gene Remapping Apparatus
7 MP-X6 "Man'o'war" Mk. VII
7 MP-X9 "Orca" Mk. VII
7 SH-X3 "Greyhound" Mk. VII
7 Sagittarius UGC 7
7 Soulfire
7 Zenshai Power Cannon

Looted fromEdit

Level MOB Name Drop rate Confidence
50 Bio-Extractor 21.6% ±9.4%

Related MissionsEdit

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