Mission giver Loremaster Daiki-ya
Mission requirements Jenquai

Have completed Jenquai Rank 2 Promotion Bonus Part 1

Mission reward 20,000 Explore XP

20,000 Trade XP

20,000 Combat XP

Source of Inspiration

Find the Fourth Inspiration.


  1. Search Zweihander Planet for the third fragment. It would probably be inside or nearby Jagerstadt City.
  2. Find Spare Parts for SAM.
  3. Head back to Dahin with the third fragment. Make sure you visit the Gate to Dahin in Kailaasa.
  4. ATTENTION: Receive the incoming transmission at the Dahin Satellite by the gate to Kailaasa in Dahin Sector.
  5. Talk to Loremaster Daiki-ya about the Cenovar encounter.
  6. Defeat the Cenovar Gladiator at the Fallen Moon Fragment.
  7. Return to Loremaster Daiki-ya with the fragments.
  8. Manufacture the Fourth Inspiration and return to Daiki-ya

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