Mission giver Master Sevti
Mission requirements Jenquai

OL >= 30

Has not completed Jenquai Rank 2 Upgrade

Mission reward Start Jenquai Rank 2 Promotion Bonus Part 2

Assemble the Inspiration of Elias ben Joseph to aid the Sha'ha'dem Explorers.


  1. Receive your second Hull Upgrade.
  2. Talk to Councillor Uje'da for your mission details.
  3. Head to Fenris Prime Observatory and talk to Liam O'Faolain to pick up the documents for Loremaster Daiki-ya.
  4. Talk to Loremaster Daiki-ya on the Tokai Saikutsu on Dahin Planet. Do not forget to deliver the documents to her.
  5. Find the First Inspiration. It should be somewhere by the Ruins of Jove City.
  6. Return to Loremaster Daiki-ya with the First Inspiration.
  7. Talk to Curator Whitley aboard Mercury Station (Glory's Orbit, Beta Hydri System) for information about the Second Inspiration. Also be sure to show her the Jenquai Documents.
  8. Search for Progen Dog Soldiers in Ragnarok, Aragoth System. Trader's Fort inhabitants may have information about them.
  9. Kill 5 Rogue Bandits for McHollis.
  10. Return to Tarnish McHollis.
  11. Search the Asteroid Belts for Red Dragons who might have the Third Inspiration. The Research Vessel might have it.
  12. Pay the Red Dragons 10,000 credits in exchange for the Third Inspiration.
  13. Return to Daiki-ya with the Second and Third Inspirations.
  14. Seek out the thrifty Terran, Monty DuChampe to get his fragment of the Fourth Inspiration.
  15. Return to Daiki-ya for more information.
  16. Relay Daiki-ya's translation to Master Jhola on Yasuragi, Swooping Eagle Planet, Sirius System.
  17. Jhola suggests you meditate at the statue of Shigehiro Yasuragi. Find the meditation focus, get very close, and meditate for a while on the meaning of the translation.
  18. Return to Daiki-ya for any information.

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