Item Gaze of Amah
Level 9
Type Weapon / Beam weapon
Description Manufacturer: Tada-O

Sparta. When the call comes, be ready.

Dedicated to a fallen hero. Honor and remember her sacafice!

Commisioned for use at the Mars Construction Yards.

Buy price 6,300,740.00
Sell price 484,673.00


Can trade false
Can destroy true
Is unique true
Can store true
Usable by race all
Usable by professsion explorer only

Weapon Stats

Damage Type plasma
Damage (200%) 528.00 (792.00) 
Reload (200%) 6.00 sec (6.00 sec)
Energy/shot 126 
Range 1800m


Buff name Buff description
Beam Focus (Equip) Increases Beam Damage by 3.0% when equipped. 
Turbo Beam (Equip) Reduces Beam Delay by 40.0% when equipped.


Level Component
 ? Martyr's Focus 
 ? Quark Light Driver SP 
 ? Warlock Arch
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