Item Devastating Gaze
Level 9
Type Weapon / Beam weapon
Description The power contained within this weapon is immense.
Buy price 7,676,620.00
Sell price 590,510.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique true
Can store true
Usable by race jenquai only
Usable by professsion all

Weapon Stats

Damage Type plasma
Damage (200%) 880.00 (1320.00) 
Reload (200%) 10.00 sec (10.00 sec)
Energy/shot 188 
Range 2000m


Buff name Buff description
Boost Beam Range (Equip) Increases Beam Range by 101% when equipped. 
Improved Critical Targeting (Equip) Increases Critical Hits Chance by 21.50% when equipped. 
Reduce Ship Signature (Equip) Gives a ship 57% less radar footprint when equipped. 
Turbo Beam (Equip) Reduces Beam Delay by 40.0% when equipped.


Level Component
 ? Brimstone S7 Brazier 
 ? Evolver Actu8 XRC 
 ? Nebula PowerVamp 9X 
 ? Quark Optical Relay 
 ? Terror's Gaze
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