Item Bandy's Boosters
Level 2
Type Core item / Engine
Description This set of thrusters was a gift from Rashid Bandy for following the path of the Sharim traders.

They are a modified set of Mercurious IC20 engines, made specificaly for the Seeker ship design allowing them to cloak faster.

Buy price 5,103.00
Sell price 1,570.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique true
Can store true
Usable by race progen restricted
Usable by professsion trader only

Engine Stats

Warp 2500 m/s
Signature 500 m
Warp Drain (200%) 7.20 (7.20)
Thrust (200%) 80.00 m/s (80.00 m/s)


Buff name Buff description
Improved Cloaking (Equip) Reduces Cloaking Engage Time by 1.0 seconds (to a minimum of 3 seconds), makes the target harder to detect with See Cloaking, and increases Stealth Strike time when equipped.

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