Item aa Ehtag Y
Level 9
Type Device
Description A fragment of Ancient technology.
Buy price 3,451,367.00
Sell price 1,061,959.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique false
Can store true
Usable by race terran only
Usable by professsion warrior only


Buff name Buff description
Weaken EMP (Activated) -30.0 EMP Deflect for 2520 seconds to enemy when activated. 
Weaken Impact (Activated) -30.0 Impact Deflect for 2520 seconds to enemy when activated. 
Boost Missile Range (Equip) Increases Missile Range by 30% when equipped. 
Slow Weapons (Activated) Decrease Weapon Firing Rate by 30.0% for 252 seconds to enemy when activated. 
Turbo Missile (Equip) Reduces Missile Delay by 40.00% when equipped

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